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                • Guangzhou Jinsheng Sound Equipment Co., Ltd.
                   Tel.: Luo 13928959382
                   Xu 18022314439
                   Address: No.2, Chaoyang Huayang Road, Shimen Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
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                Service concept

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                Business philosophy: employees and enterprises grow together, and enterprises and markets grow together.
                 Business philosophy of the company: create contribution for society, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees and create benefits for enterprises
                 The company's quality concept: excellent talents create high-quality products, quality equals life.
                 Company brand concept: capital is ship, brand is sail, enterprise is human, culture is soul
                 The company's market concept: there is only the off-season idea, there is no off-season market, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, try our best to fight to the end.
                 Service tenet of the company: credit standing is always the first, service is always the highest, and customers are always right.
                 The company's service concept: customer first, serving attentively, serving customers with thanksgiving, creating dynamic feeling.
                 1. Assist customers in on-site survey, product demonstration, scheme design and bidding.
                 2. Provide assistance in debugging, project acceptance and product training services;
                 3. Customers enjoy free upgrade service of application software;
                 4. The customer service center will set up a dedicated customer service line to serve you at any time.
                 Quality policy:
                 Carrying forward the team spirit and relying on science and technology, we are not only committed to the continuous improvement of product quality, but also to the thorough protection of personal safety and property safety.